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Ministerios Ancla de Amor A.C.

Train up a Child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

They're back! Our favourite youth group is back! Last year they came to Ancla and completely amazed us at how hard they worked. In 5 short days they erected our first children's home. Guess what they are doing this year? You guessed it, they are erecting the second one! Only catch is, we have to erect the house in 4 days because this week we celebrate good Friday and the group will not be working that day. 

We are so impressed with this group. They are all a real blessing to us. Such nice kids. Get this, the youth leader once again asked me not to hand out the WIFI password to the group. How many teens do you know that would volunteer their time knowing that they would have to give up their phones for a week. I can't think of too many. This is just one of the small things that make this group special.

We are pleased that they are here. Sometimes it may seem that all the work all we do is work on these missions trips, but their is great fruit to our labour. Although we are working physically building buildings, we are constructing home where healing and transformation will take place for many years to come. We have already seen huge growth in our children, I can't wait to see how much they will grow once they are in their new home! All these young people have left there hand print at Ancla! Your work and sacrifice allows us to do what we do here!

Off to Work, Ancla's second Children's Home is underway!

As we have shared in the past, At Ancla we are committed to rebuilding a family environment. We believe that by provided a home setting for the children that they will find healing through the love and compassion that they receive. This group of you has come here on a work trip, and yes primarily they are building but from the fruits of their labour we can do a better job at working with the children. Today it may seem like their efforts are all in concrete work and construction materials, but the reality is that the homes that these youth are building will house many children for years to come and inside these walls healing and transformation will be taking place. How amazing is God! That He can use all of us to work according to His will! What an honour to serve Him!


We have decided that we would build our homes out of styrofoam blocks rather than the typically used cinderblock or clay brick. Our reason being is that we want to make this home as efficient as possible! With the high temperatures in the summer time, the styrofoam construction will help keep the house cool in addition to keeping our electrical costs down! That is very important!

Working with the foam blocks is great for another reason. Anyone can do it! Literally! Obviously there needs to be a person that understand the construction but most of the labour can be done with volunteers, unlike construction with cinderblocks or clay brick, both which required trained people. The foam blocks fit together much like lego so once the floor plan is established and the chalk lines are snapped, the blocks are simply put together following the chalk lines. We erect three rows high at a time, secure them with bracing, and then pour them full of concrete. Once the concrete has had time to cure, (usually a min of 3-4 hours) we can begin to install the next three layers and repeat the process. Rebar is placed inside the cylinders in an upright position as well as horizontally every 3 feet as well. The wall height on this particular home is 12 feet or 12 rows of block which means that this house is built in 4 stages. As these block have a thin wall structure, the only way to fill them is by bucket which means we have to mix all the concrete on site with our mixer, fill up pails with concrete and pour the concrete into the walls by hand. If we were to use a pumper truck for empalme, the pressure of the pour would be more than the blocks could handle and we would have blow outs!

This groups has been essential to the construction progress here at Ancla! We are so thankful for them! As a team the provided more than 1640 man hours of labour in only 5 days! It would take us months to do what they did this week if we were to do it on our own. We pray many blessings on each team member, as well as on the Sommerfeld Mennonite Church in Winkler! Thank You for your support!

Work on our 1st Children's Home Continues!

With a large group like this (41 people) it is necessary to split up into small groups so that we can be productive. Our main goal was to erect the second home this week but wouldn't you know God had greater plans! He sent just the right people so that the construction of the first home could also continue. John from John's plumbing came and he installed all the fixtures for the second story of the home. This needed to be done before we could install the suspended ceiling. In addition to that, a certified electrician also came and we were able to install all the light switches, wall plugs, exhaust fans and even some of the evacuation equipment! Praise The Lord!

This week we were also able to paint the interior and the Exterior of the house! So exciting to see how God is moving! 

Our Orchard receives some TLC!

Even though there is much work to do on the construction side of things, we cannot forget about our dear orchard! As we build homes so that we can love and nurture children, we also have the responsibility to care and nurture for our great orchard! We have approximately 1400 citrus trees that were once on the brink of extinction. Today they are making a great recovery thanks to the help of all those that have come to help us take care of it!

Did you know that it was recommended to me the we bull doze the orchard when we arrived at Ancla? The trees looked dead and the field was overgrown with brush, weeds and vines. In places it was difficult to see the orange tree underneath all the vines. A dear friend that has now passed on, Wayne Bearg and agronomist told me "there is still life in these trees, and much like children, if they are cared for and nurtured, they can make a full recovery!) The rescue of our orchard was underway and in the beginning years of Ancla, it took priority in order to save it! Today, if you have visited Ancla you know how beautiful our orchard is and the potential that it has.

This week we continue the work in saving the orchard, of the youth worked hard pruning and weed eating in the orchard with scratches to prove it! Again, we are so thankful!

More things happening on the Ranch!

After a hard week of work, it's time for some fun!!!

After a hard work week we thought that it was time to take a little time for some fun too! This year we changed it up a little and instead of a boat ride we decided to go to the Nacapule Canyon that is located just north of San Carlos. We arrived there at 8 am and the zip line began! After that, the youth group had time to hike and explore the canyon, other than a few of the guys that were "too tired!" Good thing we didn't give them the option of climbing our Tatakowi Mountain, they would have never made it!

We brought the BBQ and had burgers for lunch! It was a great opportunity to spend a little time focusing on relationships. We have learned that it is so important to get to know the people that come here to serve! It was so much fun to watch everyone on the zip lines and we had a beautiful day to do so!

A Blessing for Ancla!

How cool is this! Cristian was presented with a gift from the youth group for Anlca! For a long time we have wanted to buy a guitar so that we could introduce guitar to our children! Well God provides again! The problem is that this one is a little too nice to use! Everyone from the team signed the guitar making it even more special!

One of the great blessings that we receive serving at Ancla de Amor is the blessing of many new relationships! We are so thankful for each on that came on the group and for all that you have done for us! We are hoping and praying that you will be with us again next year :)

Send this team an encouraging word, thought or prayer! Let them know you care and support them.