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Ministerios Ancla de Amor A.C.

Train up a Child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

Be sure to follow this page to see the progress made by the Elias Family. Updates will be made daily!

Here they are!!! If you have been following the construction progress of our children's home than without a doubt you have heard the story of how we received all the cabinetry from a Cabinet Company in Winkler Manitoba. Here are the families that have made it all happen. Jonathan Elias (Sunvalley Cabinets) and Lorin Elias contacted Brian and asked about the possibility of them building all the cabinetry back in Winkler and shipping it down to Mexico for our children's home. In the Beginning Brian had some reservation's but as time progressed, it certainly appeared that God was putting all the pieces together for this to happen.

Jonathan got to work designing all the cabinetry for the kitchen, bathrooms and Children's rooms. From there, after sharing about the project with their material supplier, they were offered all the materials at a reduced price. It did not take long and Jonathan and Lorin, along with their families were busy cutting, prepping, and packaging all the cabinets for our children's home. We were blessed to watch both the Elias families work together on this project, especially seeing how they included their children. Without a doubt their children will remember this experience.

Once the cabinetry was all bundled up, they loaded them onto a flat deck trailer, and a good friend of Brian offered to haul them down. With easy passage through the USA and Mexican boarder we certainly felt God's favour. The cabinets arrived at Ancla de Amor a week before the Elias families arrived to install them.

So here we are. The Elias families are here and ready to build and install. As mentioned above, this will be an experience that their children will never forget. They worked together as a team to build the cabinets back home in Winkler, now they are working together as a team to assemble and install them at an orphanage in Mexico. I commend Lorin & Jonathan as well as their wives, Nellie and Susan for displaying parenting at its best! Truly great examples to follow and live up too.

I hope you enjoy the photos and are blessed to see how God works in so many ways. To Him be the Glory! Piece by piece this home is coming together and God is using simple, ordinary people to accomplish HUGE things. We are forever thankful for all of you that have made this project happen! 

It all started at Home!

Assembling & Installing the Cabinets in the Children's Home at Ancla de Amor!

Our children are connecting and building relationships

Taking the time for some fun and relationship building too!

Send a word of encouragement and support to the Elias family for all that they have done for the children at Ancla de Amor!