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Ministerios Ancla de Amor A.C.

Train up a Child in the way he should go,

and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

Why is Ministerios Ancla de Amor Needed 

All our children come from hard places! Each one has a story and each one has had experiences that they should have never experienced. We are not only a children's home or orphanage, we provide the best care possible within our means, to as many children that we can. Sadly, our services are called upon by our Governing Authorities on a weekly basis, sometimes even daily! There are so many children in our community that need a home, and that is why we need Ancla!

What sets Ancla apart from other facilities?

1) Staffing. Staffing is key! If our staff is not healthy our children will not be healthy. It is impossible for children to overcome their trauma if our staff have problems of their own or if they are not well equipped to handle the situations before them. Children arrive at Ancla with all levels of abuse, neglect and abandonment so we look for every opportunity to equip our staff so that they can help each child overcome their past and step into a better future.

2) Family & Home Environments. If you were to visit Ancla you would quickly realize that we do our best to make our property feel homy and welcoming. We do not want our children to feel like they are in an institution. Our children live in beautiful home with and receive a parent figure that will love and care for them while they are here. We are absolutely committed to the well being of each child and we are committed to earning their trust! This happens in a home based setting.

3) Health Care. New arrivals come to us with very limited information. Often we do not know where they come from or the level of abuse that they receive. For that reason we have medical and psychological professionals that evaluate each child and provide us with the pertinent information we need to to best care for the child. Upon arrival children will also see a dentist and optometrist and have all their needs looked after.

3) Education. Children may arrive at Ancla with limited to no education. We ensure each child receives the education that they deserve and often this means tutoring them here at home to help them advance back to their grade level. In extreme cases, children may be enrolled in government issued home school programs so that we can help them with their education where they are at without the fear of being bullied or humiliated in a class room setting. Currently we have 5 teenagers that have met and exceeded our expectations therefore have qualified for advanced education and are enrolled in private school. It is a significant investment, but we believe that providing children with a best education will set them up for their future! We also have scholarship funds available to our children through our Canadian and United States Charities for their post secondary education. When a child leaves Ancla at 18, we continue to equip them for their future!

4) Christian Values. A trauma child starts their healing process when they truly understand their identity! Sadly, our children often arrive with a very low self esteem. They may be angry, frustrated and confused. In many cases their abuser was either one of their parents or a close family member therefor their sense of worth is also effected. At Ancla we teach all our children that they are valued and cared for and that they were created by a God that loves them and has a plan for them. We teach them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in Gods image. Living in an orphanage is often not easy. It opens the doors for bullying from other children at school. Even teachers will pick on and bully our children as they are viewed as "less" and unwanted. We have to help them to understand that these are lies and that their true identity is in who God created them to be. When a child comprehend that their past does not identify them, they can start the healing process and step into their new future.

During COVID we have onsite worship services where children are taught the word of God! In normal times our household attended church off site.

5) Programs. Ancla provides programs that assist in the development of our children and are specific to where the child is at. Our most effective program is our competitive swim team known as "The Hurricanes." We use competitive swimming as a tool and therapy for our children and have learned that it plays a significant part in their development. Competitive swimming has provided our children with so many benefits, including a new sense of identity as an athlete. Our advanced swimmers are all registered as athletes in the state of Sonora. This is a huge accomplishment for them as an individual as they develop and as they understand that their past is not who they are. We have literally received orphans from the street, enrolled them into the program, and have watched them advance to state and national levels. Swimming has equipped the children with confidence, work ethic, punctuality and determination but most importantly, they have learned that they are equal to all other kids and that they also deserve a spot on the starting block! They have learned that they can dream and dream big and that they too can accomplish their dreams!

Aside from the swim program we have ongoing fun activities for the children. We have animals on our ranch such as dogs, birds, rabbits, and horses which also play a part and have theraputic benefits to our children.  

What is TBRI?

Clarissa shares how TBRI makes a difference at Ancla!